Gladiator Jousting Game for Hire

Re-create the TV program and try and joust your opponent from their podium with our inflatable Gladiator Jousting games that we have for hire.

Gladiator Duel Inflatable for hire from Lichfield Entertainments UK

We have two different versions of the Gladiator game plus the Pole Jousting that's shown at the foot of this page.
The Gladiator Duel above is suitable for both kids and adults and has firm padded podiums for the participants to stand on that are approx 18inches in diameter. This version requires an operating area of 30x28ft.

Gladiator Duel - Inflatable Podiums

The second Gladiator Duel pictured below has large inflatable podiums that are approx 3ft in diameter and this version is suitable for participants up to approx 11 stone in weight. Although the podiums are larger because they're inflatable they can tilt if you get close to the edge adding to the challenge. This version requires an operating area of 35x35ft.

Gladiator Jousting Inflatable for hire from Lichfield Entertainments UK

All gladiator games can be operated inside or outside but if indoors you'll need a height clearance of 12ft.

Inflatable Pole Jousting Game

Pole Jousting is our other inflatable jousting game only this time the participants have to sit and balance on the bar and knock their opponent off with a pugil stick. This game needs an operating area of 20x18ft with height clearance of 11ft.

Pole Jousting Inflatable game for hire

Great fun for ages 8 - adult and an ideal amusement for fetes, parties, fundays, etc.

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If you have any queries, questions or would like to hire an inflatable Gladiator or Pole Jousting game, please contact us and we will do all we can to help.