Giant Buzz Wire Hire

We have four different types of giant buzz wire and then variations of these depending on whether its for an outdoor event, indoor event, or for use on an exhibition stand.

Giant Buzzwire game for hire

Our Giant Wonky Buzz Wire games are guaranteed to test the steadiness of anyones hand.

We have standard and automated table top Giant Buzz Wires.

The standard version, pictured above, has a buzz and flashing light and they get as many chances as they like or the event organiser wants to permit. It can also run in silent mode where only the light flashes when the wire is touched. This version has a rechargeable power pack so doesn't require mains electric.

Automated Giant Buzzwire game for hire

Alternatively we have the automated Giant Buzz Wire where each participant has sixty seconds and three lives to complete the game. As each life is lost the buzzer sounds and one of the three 'life lights' goes out. As the sixty seconds tick down the 'heartbeat' soundtrack played by the machines quickens. Should the participant complete the game within the sixty seconds a fanfare is played to mark the success. This buzz wire requires mains power.

We also have an all white touchscreen programmable version of the automated buzz wire especially for exhibition stand use where you can set the number of lives, time limits, and volume.

Giant Buzzwire game for exhibition stands

Giant 10ft Buzzer game for hire

If one of our giant buzz wires isn't big enough then the answer is our floor standing Mega Buzz Wire, pictured above, which is nearly 10ft long! This huge buzz wire is powered by a rechargeable power pack so mains electric isn't required. We have this version available in grey metal flake or in gloss white for exhibition stand use.

Giant Wonky Wire game for hire

The floor standing 1.2m buzz wire below is kept exclusively for exhibition stand and promotional events and features a large centre panel that can be custom branded if required.

Giant Wonky Wire game for hire

A giant or mega buzz wire game is a great amusement for fetes, parties, fun days, and is also a great attraction for promotional events and exhibition stands.

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