Rock 'n' Roll Jousting Inflatable Hire

Our Rock 'n' Roll Jousting inflatable is a great variation of the more traditional Gladiator Duel with both players standing on the same podium that's supported by air pressure. Because of this the podium can tilt in any direction depending on the players movement so balance and movement are just as important as your jousting skills.

This is a large attention grabbing game that always draws a good crowd of spectators and a lengthy queue of willing participants. It makes a great centre piece attraction for any summer fair or fun day.

Rock n Roll Inflatable

Rock n Roll Hire Details

The Rock n Roll inflatable is always supplied with a trained member of our staff to ensure its safe use and ensure all runs smoothly for your event.

The inflatable requires an overall operating area of 32x32ft and this needs to be level for the game to work properly. If being used indoors a minimum height clearance of 13ft will be needed.

Access to a mains electric supply will be needed within 50metres of the game although we can supply a suitable generator or petrol engined blower for a small additional cost if there's no mains electric available.

Rock n Roll Jousting Inflatable Game

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Rock n Roll Inflatable Game